niedziela, 3 września 2017

About the project

The hostile attitude towards the environment that surrounds us, its increasingly serious problems, and the false impression that some people are superiors of nature have urged me to initiate this educational project. My wish and other collaborators were to involve students in multiple and varied activities to make them realize that nature is our friend if we treat it as such. Responsive knowledge of the environment gives children the opportunity to think, learn, desire a friend that is life itself. Nature can become the center of interest in all educational disciplines, but also in many extracurricular activities, all for the sensitization of the child, but also for the change of mentality. Aims 1. Development of the students' ability to carry out various ecological activities in school in nature; 2. Developing a positive attitude towards protecting the nature that surrounds us; 3. Expressing their own opinions on certain environmental issues through drawings, plastic creations, posters; 4. Identifying the effects of environmental pollution; 5. Collecting materials from nature to serve to create personal creations Work process 1.September - Project Planning with Google Doc. Preparing project logos with our students.Than teachers will load them in twinspace 2. October - Knowing each other using Padlet 3. November - activities to observe changes in nature and identify the major problems faced by mankind Creating a corner for “NATURE and WE” 4. December - promoting ideas for protecting the environment and making its own compositions with recyclable materials. Organizing information meetings for families about Nature and We. 5. February - Our health is influenced by the food we eat - practical household activities 6. March - Make a presentation of the project activities with PowToon 7.April - Project evaluation by applying a poll using EasyPolls. Expected results The project aims to make students reconsider how to live in harmony with nature, protect it in order to be able to benefit from the vital gifts that offer them with such generosity. To raise awareness about children's respect for nature and the innumerable blessings that nature presents us.